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Join our community to get inspired on your health and wellness journey!


Hi, my name is Casey Clark and I founded Heaven On Earth back in 2013 when I realized that people, including myself, didn’t know how to handle their stress. Shortly before founding the company, I found myself depressed and with anxiety that required medicine because of how angry I’d get. Being in this predicament opened my eyes but unfortunately things got worse with my overall health before it got better. As I have been on this journey, I have found that it can be lonely and frustrating. That’s why I have transformed Heaven On Earth into a community for others to share their stories to inspire others to keep going. 


You’ll hear more about my journey through several blogs that I will share as I continue to strive towards being healthy and well. If you take notice of the pictures of me, you’ll get a glimpse of my journey so far. The top picture is from 2018 and the bottom, from 2019.


I invite you to take some time to read about the journeys of others as well and even share your own if you are comfortable. You’ll find that several of our blogs are educational as well to help you along. Lastly, you can also join us on social media as we share successes as well as motivate and inspire!


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